Thursday, July 15, 2010

the making of a nursery...

In true first-time-parent form, we have already started the nursery. I know what furniture to get but so far we have begun with the painting... here are some pics

we're back.

Well, we are back. It has been a crazy last few months for us, and it seems my morning sickness has eased so I am now able to share what we have been up to...that's right you heard it, we are having a baby. Our peanut is now 20 weeks and so that means we are due on the 3rd December 2010.
Naturally, we are more in a hurry to get the grass down now but it seems our progress is getting there, slowly.
Here's what we have done.
(above, out the front)
(above, a hedge is going to sit on the high side of the wall for more privacy for us)

(below, the backyard)
(above, where the steps are going)

(above, a nice garden will go here)