Friday, October 30, 2009

driveway... done.

More piccies :D... we have our driveway, Yay! It's alot darker than I expected but apparently it fades over time. I hope that it's gonna look good in the end, but i am thinking there is some much needed greenery here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

splashback... done.

bath and toilets... done.

Well the timber flooring has begun. The batons are almost down and we are hoping that the boards will be done by next weekend. Yay! I cannot wait to see them finished. The plumbers came by on Saturday and fitted our bath (chipping our porcelain tiles in the meantime, oh well another sticker for there :D), and toilets and I must say that the house is starting to feel more like a home now. I cannot wait to start putting things away in there spots. Did some more packing today, but am so unmotivated so have left it for another day. Had better hurry up though. Time is ticking.
So here are some pics of our progress, I may even get to take some this afternoon when I do a driveby. Depends if we have had some more done today, but I am not getting my hopes up, so much has already happened that I don't want to be greedy. We will see.

(above) My darling husband finishing off after a hard days work.
(above) his steps are a masterpiece as far as I am concearned. Especially having to work with the bricks underneath. Well done baby :D.

(above) main toilet. I used it first ;).
(above) our bath. I have no idea why they didn't put the spout in the centre with the tap. I am sure I will get used to it though.
(above) our toilet in the ensuite.
(above) another view of our steps. love it.

Friday, October 23, 2009

painting... done

Our timber has arrived for our flooring. Yay! The timber is stringybark and as Mark and I halled it into the garage this afternoon, I got to see all of the colours and I must say I am loving it sick :P. We also got to see what else had been going on in the house. The painters were here and I am soo in love with the wall colour it's not funny, not an ounce of yellow in sight. They also painted some of the skirting and finished off the architraves and doors. The taps were also put in. Looking good peeps.

(above) our 130mm stringybark floor boards.
(above) the drainage for the driveway.
(above) the tilers are done today. Grout has been completed and the floor wastes are in.
(above) timber batons for the flooring.

(above) view of the ensuite, with grout and paint.
(above) they have completed painting the architraves today.
(above) taps for the basins in the bathrooms.
(above) double shower in the ensuite, looking more like a shower.
(above) grout and floor wastes in the laundry.
(above) view of the kitchen. My favourite view in the house.
(above) kitchen sink and tap.
(above) leisure room and better view of the paint colour.
(above) bathroom.
(above) yes, I do feel very posh with these shower heads.
(above) built in robe doors, also painted.
(above) toilet tiling done also.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

photofest... entry and front yard.

Are you ready for a photofest? Well you get one today. I must admit. I may cause me not to post many for a while after this. I am all photoed out. I have done as much of a walk through as I could. So here we go.

(above) our driveway, or the makings of.

(above) front. Can't wait til the bins and loo are gone so I can get a full frontal shot.
(above) I love my cladding. Now it's painted.
(above) front door. Loving the colour. Hating the down pipe. Am just trying to imagine a pencil pine there.

(above) that's better :D.

(above) am also loving the white inside.
(above) first thing on the agenda. Move that light! It'll drive me crazy not in the centre of the hallway.

photofest... our retreat

(above) view of our ensuite - right - and wir - left.

(above) our bedroom.
(above) I know it's something and I know Mark knows what it is but I don't ;).
(above) view of our room from the ensuite.

(above) basins

(above) this is where the toilet will go.

(above) you can see where the square set opening is that we might have some trouble fitting a glass door here as the tiles only go up 1.2m. We need to put some timber there to make it flush with the tiles so there is no gaps when the door is fitted. I suggested that we put cladding above the tiles just on the wall where the light switch is to add a bit of texture to the bathroom as well as solving our problem. I think I have talked Mark into it :D.
(above) our ensuite shower. Mark has also measured here for the screens.

photofest... laundry

photofest... home theatre

(above) how much better does the right window look now that it is fixed. Thanks Joe :).

photofest... bathroom

photofest... kitchen