Friday, October 16, 2009

tiles...still going

Lots has been done today. Check out the pics, GO WISDOM AND GO JOE!!!
(above) alarm was installed today.
(above) ugly outside light was also installed today.
(above) the laundry tub is sitting in the hallway waiting to go here.
(above) tiles in the ensuite started.
(above) tiles in the ensuite on the shower floor.
(above) tiles in the main bathroom.
(above) main bathroom.
(above) electrical fit out done.
(above) smoke alarms and lights.
(above) our range hood was installed today in our beeeaauutiful kitchen.
(above) our floor tiles in the laundry, from the outside.


  1. hey your tiles are so similar to mine, that makes me feel a bit better too!

  2. Oh really? What stage are you at with your home Annie? I know, it's really nerve racking until you start to see them going in :) ... yours will look great.

  3. Hi chicky, still no internet but R borrowed an aircard from work today so I can play here for a little bit.

    Your house is looking fantastic Fee and Waylow! you must be sooooo happy with your choices. That window in the kitchen looks awesome Waylow, good work!

    Hey guys, just read the comment about the smart tiles in the bathrooms and DL, what's all that about? did they say why you could not have them???

    Great to see so much progress at your place, can't wait to see it finished! I think we might be able to catch up for that drink at our place and/or yours before Xmas!

    Take care

    E xoxox

  4. Hey :D. Nice to see/or hear from you :). Been so quiet on the forum without you. Hopefully telstra will get their act into gear soon and you'll be back online with us in no time.

    Thanks, we are loving it. But realised to how much work actually needs to be done. Oh well, we have a lifetime I guess. Kids will just have to wait :D.

    Oh, DL made some excuse about it not complying with codes or some rubbish like that. Apparently after the bed and tiles were layed, it would sit too high and we wouldn't pass our final inspection or something. I think that they just didn't want to do them. We could've cut the slab down 20mm and it would've been fine but we had the underfloor heating down already so it was too late. How many months we waited for the tiles before the underfloor heating was done, you'd think they could've let us know earlier. Oh well, c'est la vie, The chromey ones still look nice though.

    Definitely, catch up drinks would be great before chrissy. Glad to hear that you're happy with your place.

    You take care too.

    Fee :)