Thursday, October 22, 2009

photofest... entry and front yard.

Are you ready for a photofest? Well you get one today. I must admit. I may cause me not to post many for a while after this. I am all photoed out. I have done as much of a walk through as I could. So here we go.

(above) our driveway, or the makings of.

(above) front. Can't wait til the bins and loo are gone so I can get a full frontal shot.
(above) I love my cladding. Now it's painted.
(above) front door. Loving the colour. Hating the down pipe. Am just trying to imagine a pencil pine there.

(above) that's better :D.

(above) am also loving the white inside.
(above) first thing on the agenda. Move that light! It'll drive me crazy not in the centre of the hallway.

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