Monday, October 26, 2009

bath and toilets... done.

Well the timber flooring has begun. The batons are almost down and we are hoping that the boards will be done by next weekend. Yay! I cannot wait to see them finished. The plumbers came by on Saturday and fitted our bath (chipping our porcelain tiles in the meantime, oh well another sticker for there :D), and toilets and I must say that the house is starting to feel more like a home now. I cannot wait to start putting things away in there spots. Did some more packing today, but am so unmotivated so have left it for another day. Had better hurry up though. Time is ticking.
So here are some pics of our progress, I may even get to take some this afternoon when I do a driveby. Depends if we have had some more done today, but I am not getting my hopes up, so much has already happened that I don't want to be greedy. We will see.

(above) My darling husband finishing off after a hard days work.
(above) his steps are a masterpiece as far as I am concearned. Especially having to work with the bricks underneath. Well done baby :D.

(above) main toilet. I used it first ;).
(above) our bath. I have no idea why they didn't put the spout in the centre with the tap. I am sure I will get used to it though.
(above) our toilet in the ensuite.
(above) another view of our steps. love it.


  1. fabulous - love the timber, just can't believe how many of your colour selections are so similar to mine. I'm getting a dulux colour person out soon to pick another colour for the wall of our currently "pinky" walls! lol I want more like your colour - what is it?

  2. Hey Thanks Annie, I am itching to see the timber down and am looking forward to helping with them on the weekend.
    Is it a pinky beige? Although I am a massive fan of the pinky beige (and most probably would have gone for that if there was the option), I am soo happy with the colour we have now. The funny thing is, we've had about 4 people already wanting to know what it is to use in their house :). The colour is Taubmans - Kid Skin.