Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We have had our ceiling painted and our walls painted (taubmans kidskin). I could only see the walls from the outside and I think that I like it, I am hoping that it is not too yellow. Here are some pics.

(above) as if these shoes weren't high enough, they had to go and stick them to the bucket :D.
I don't really have much to post so I thought that I would show you a few of ones that I have already taken. I can't have my peeps getting withdrawrals :D.
(above) the dial for the underfloor heating. It comes in digital aswell, but we couldn't justify another $160 for them.
(above) the bench without the cardboard on it. I think I like it.
(above) our fixed window... doesn't it look heaps better. You can also see the left window has the architrave on already.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

underfloor heating... done.

So we raced by after work to get the underfloor heating in before the sun went down, but we were too slow. So while I finished off my jobs as the worlds best apprentice, Mark drove to Bunnings to buy an extention lead and a little flood light so we could finish the job. It was pitch black by the time he got back and by the time we were all set and ready to go, the unthinkable happened... we had a blackout. WT...? Thanks to an extremely patient wife to counteract her extremely impatient husband and the light of a mobile phone, we finally got the job done. And what a fantastic job it was... I tell you what though, this heating better be bloody worth it ;D.

(above) our ensuite vanities and the installation of the underfloor heating, when the sun was up.

(above) the night shot of the ensuite complete.

ow, poor thing :(

So here is the beginnings of our little hiccup being fixed. I must say, it's a little breezy there now. All that they are doing here is moving the window over half a brick. I know it seems pointless but if they didn't, then the architrave would have had to have been cut down and it would have looked uneven. Check out the before pic.

(above) before.

kitchen and bathroom vanities... done

This afternoon I met Mark at the house as he was going to install the underfloor heating in both of the bathrooms. When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to find the kitchen installers there finishing off their days work. I was soo excited to see the beginnings of my beautiful kitchen and our bathrooms aswell. Lucky I took the camera.
(above) my kitchen.
(above) the island bench with microwave hole.
(above) the sink will go here and the dishwasher too.
(above) the main bathroom vanity.

This is what I have in mind for our shampoo and treatment for the bathroom niche. I normally buy 5 litre containers of shampoo, so they will not fit onto our beautiful niches. Originally, I had considered asking Mark to put it away in the cupboard after use, but have decided that wasn't
really the best option :D. I have found a few that I like already in Freedom home and also in Howards storage world, they are also a lot larger than this one.

architraves and skirting... started

Just a quick post, they have just started to put on the architrave and doorjams. That's it, I am all posted out now :D.
(above) all delivered.
(above) pic of our architrave (this is for you Eva) can't really see it well yet.

(above) standing in the laundry.


Here is our pretty little kitchen...okay, not so little, for us anyway. It's starting to get exciting :D.

(above) I think this bitty is the island bench.
(above) gotta love white gloss poly... Mark?... I wanted satin originally, but I think my mind is a changing.
(above) ensuite bitties.
(above) main bathroom bitties... future guests, these are yours.
(above) am loving our stainless steel cutlery drawer... am looking forward to cracking open our wedding and engagement presents for here.
(above) our basins for the bathrooms... 3 in total.
(above) we are thinking a little YMCA action is happening on site in their lunch break???

waterproofing... done!

Yay!! Our waterproofing has been done... isn't it... pretty??? Well, now that it is done, we will be able to do the underfloor heating and then - the part that I am the most excited about - the tiling. Although Mark mentioned to me the other day that if you do white tiles, you aren't supposed to do the black waterproofing as it can leach into the tiles... I am hoping that he is wrong on this one.

(above) our forgotten niche is there now :).
(above) our main shower, balloon and all.(above) bath. am loving the taps in the middle, no donking heads on that one.
(above) toilet, in serious need of some light.
(above) niche in our ensuite. don't worry, i have lots of hair products for that shelf.
(above) our double shower in the ensuite.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yesterday, Mark and I took a trip to Boral at Revesby to have a look at their display area to see what hardwood we like, and also to get an idea of how much we are looking at to put timber flooring thoroughout our living areas. There was heaps to choose from, and a few that we loved that were WAY out of our price range, but we have finally decided to go with the 130mm Stringybark. I have found a picture of the colour of the timber, but ours will be alot wider than this one shown in the picture. We are so happy with our choice and extremely happy with the price aswell. Maybe we will be moving in with the flooring done afterall :).

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a quick post to say that our doors, doorjams, skirting and architrave have all been delivered a few days ago. Our SS has also mentioned that we should have the waterproofing done this week also. But now we are locked out... I can't tell :(.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

garage doors... done.

Did another of my famous 'quick drivebys' only to find that we have REALLY been locked up :D. This is my first full house photo... you can see why I haven't really taken one before. Our port-a-loo doesn't excite me as much as it used to, now it's just plain stinky :).

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

we've been locked up too

(above) front door... I am still yet to get used to it, it's not really my style, a little too modern for me. Mark picked it, and he loves it, so that is all that matters ;).
(above) our laundry door... I love it.

I went for a drive by past the house today to find that we have been locked up :(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

gyprock...done, watertank... done.

Well, I couldn't stand the thought of waiting to post these pics for you, so I went early before work to have a look. I also got to meet our SS for the first time. He walked through the house with me and we talked about the main problem and he seems keen to fix it the way we would like it to be done, with a bit of compromise as well ;D. Apparently the cornice was done yesterday, so I did a driveby after work and there were guys still working there at 5:45 - eager beavers they are - so I will get some this afternoon after work. It's really happening for us now and we are so excited to think what is next. I just want to take the time to thank everyone, a little prematurely I know, but I am in a mushy mood today, for coming along for the ride so far. It's been great for us and I hope that you are enjoying it as much as we are enjoying telling the story :). Hopefully there will be some cornice pics late tonight or tomorrow night.
(above) our cladding is done, yay!! this pic is for you tekkie ;D.
(above) Mark loves this view. I am thinking a nice pendant in the centre bulkhead would look nice.

(above) our bedroom. I am looking forward to sleep ins with the morning sun :D.
(above) the view from our $2000 a step steps.
(above) MY pantry. This pic is for fee1, hehe.

(above) our leisure room. TV is going to go in between the windows and a built in gas fireplace will go on the wall on the right. Might not be straight away though.

(above) and viala (or however you spell it) our watertank. We are going to put some aluminium louvers around it as the pipes on the other side are U.G.L.Y. :D.