Friday, September 11, 2009

gyprock...done, watertank... done.

Well, I couldn't stand the thought of waiting to post these pics for you, so I went early before work to have a look. I also got to meet our SS for the first time. He walked through the house with me and we talked about the main problem and he seems keen to fix it the way we would like it to be done, with a bit of compromise as well ;D. Apparently the cornice was done yesterday, so I did a driveby after work and there were guys still working there at 5:45 - eager beavers they are - so I will get some this afternoon after work. It's really happening for us now and we are so excited to think what is next. I just want to take the time to thank everyone, a little prematurely I know, but I am in a mushy mood today, for coming along for the ride so far. It's been great for us and I hope that you are enjoying it as much as we are enjoying telling the story :). Hopefully there will be some cornice pics late tonight or tomorrow night.
(above) our cladding is done, yay!! this pic is for you tekkie ;D.
(above) Mark loves this view. I am thinking a nice pendant in the centre bulkhead would look nice.

(above) our bedroom. I am looking forward to sleep ins with the morning sun :D.
(above) the view from our $2000 a step steps.
(above) MY pantry. This pic is for fee1, hehe.

(above) our leisure room. TV is going to go in between the windows and a built in gas fireplace will go on the wall on the right. Might not be straight away though.

(above) and viala (or however you spell it) our watertank. We are going to put some aluminium louvers around it as the pipes on the other side are U.G.L.Y. :D.


  1. Great pics Fee...I love how your house is looking, so spacious with lots of light.The entry is stunning & yes a pendant would look great there...did you know Beacon lighting has a sale on atm he he.
    I looooove your leisure room & can just picture that big screen tv on the wall.The watertank just makes it complete!So your on the home stretch now HOW EXCITING!!!!

  2. Looking fantastic chicky! Love the sun in your bedroom, it will be lovely to laze in bed with the sun on you...

    Glat to hear that SS will get things sorted for you, is that issue the hole over the stacker door?

    It's all happening now, isn't it? It gets pretty busy and dizzing from now on!

  3. Thanks Loretta, yeah, we are starting to get heaps more excited about it now. We are able to start picturing furniture and our life together here alot more now.

  4. Hey thanks Eva, yeah, we are loving the sun in the rooms. Can't wait for the sleep ins.

    No, the stacker door thing is fine. It's the windows in the home theatre room which have turned out to be uneven, but he is going to put in some smaller windows to fix the problem... phew.

    Yep, all happening now. Am getting excited to see the next stage in the process, now.

  5. That was me that wrote that last comment, not Mark :).