Wednesday, September 23, 2009

waterproofing... done!

Yay!! Our waterproofing has been done... isn't it... pretty??? Well, now that it is done, we will be able to do the underfloor heating and then - the part that I am the most excited about - the tiling. Although Mark mentioned to me the other day that if you do white tiles, you aren't supposed to do the black waterproofing as it can leach into the tiles... I am hoping that he is wrong on this one.

(above) our forgotten niche is there now :).
(above) our main shower, balloon and all.(above) bath. am loving the taps in the middle, no donking heads on that one.
(above) toilet, in serious need of some light.
(above) niche in our ensuite. don't worry, i have lots of hair products for that shelf.
(above) our double shower in the ensuite.


  1. Love your ensuite a hairdresser i'm sure you would have loads of products!It's a good size...ours is a lot smaller & will only fit normal size shampoo bottles.I have the big matrix pump bottles so will have to change to the small hoo.Can't wait to see your tiles & kitchen...that's the exciting part isn't it?

  2. Thanks :D...No!!! don't do that, Matrix is one of my favourites but can be expensive if you buy the little ones. You will end up spending a fortune on shampoo if you get them.. we buy 5 litre ones and transfer them...originally I was going make Mark put them away everytime he used it, then I realised how ridiculous that was and found in Freedom and also Howards Storage world some really nice, clear soap containers. I am going to get them, that way they look pretty and cos they are clear, you can easily see which one you are choosing cos the shampoo is usually a metallic colour and conditioner is always like a cream consistency. I'll try to post a pic for you.

  3. Thanks for the pic...tried to post a comment on there but it didn't work! What a great are so clever Fee.Yep the larger size are so much cheaper I will check out both those stores...they are my favs.While I am there I will look at all the other bathroom goodies like soap dispenser/toothbrush holder.

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