Thursday, September 3, 2009

So on Sunday Mark and I went to our house to do our first job together and it ended up being a massive day. We begun by putting the cat5 cable throughout the house for the internet connection, this way, I can cart my little computer around everywhere I go. I am not sure if that is a good thing by the way... I may never get to see my husband again :(. We also put a couple of extra power points in as everyone knows, there is never too many of those, and Mark ran some power to the island bench in the kitchen so that our microwave can be tucked neatly away from sight - that is, when we get a microwave. I was a FANTASTIC apprentice if you ask me, but I got sacked later in the day and told to go home as I had the flu, Boo, being sick on your day off is crap. While I was having my afternoon nap at home in our comfy bed. Mark installed the conduit for the underfloor heating in the bathrooms. It's all set up and ready to go now.

So this week our SS rang us to say that the insulation will be done on Wednesday and the gyprock will begin maybe Thursday. Yay!! This is the part that I am starting to get really excited about, I know that I always say that, but I am excited to see my (edit: OUR) house with it's walls so that we can get a little idea of the room we will have. This will also allow me to start to get a mental picture of where our furniture, or lack there of, is going to go.

Might do a drive by, but am not going to stop if there are people there. I know, I am a big chicken, but I know that I like to work without being gawked at so I will give these guys the same courtesy as I prefer. Will get pics on Saturday though, I promise.

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