Monday, September 21, 2009

Yesterday, Mark and I took a trip to Boral at Revesby to have a look at their display area to see what hardwood we like, and also to get an idea of how much we are looking at to put timber flooring thoroughout our living areas. There was heaps to choose from, and a few that we loved that were WAY out of our price range, but we have finally decided to go with the 130mm Stringybark. I have found a picture of the colour of the timber, but ours will be alot wider than this one shown in the picture. We are so happy with our choice and extremely happy with the price aswell. Maybe we will be moving in with the flooring done afterall :).


  1. Yay guys! so glad that you've decided to go with the wider boards, I don't think you'll regret it! it looks so much nicer and not so busy! I can't wait to see your floors now!

  2. Thanks chick.. I wanted the wider boards so much but Mark didn't want to top nail it. Then when we went out to Boral the lady showed him a way where you can hardly see them. We would've been stupid not to go for the wider ones cos the lady made a mistake on the quote and the 130mm were cheaper than the 85mm :D. We were soo lucky.