Wednesday, September 9, 2009

After work, Mark and I went by the house yesterday to see how the gyprock held up in the storm the day before. There was rain and hail and we were concerned as our cladding hasn't been installed yet, leaving a nice hole in our main bedroom. We were thankful of our beautiful eaves as they protected the hole and even the insulation wasn't wet... PHEW!!!

We also found our gyprock to be sealed - or whatever you call it - and have unfortunately found a few things that need to be fixed :(. One of the things is fairly big so I am hoping that our SS doesn't dismiss us when we confront him about it. I am a bit sad about it and hope that our SS will fix it with no dramas. We will see.


  1. Hi,

    Wonderful home, and what a wonderful hand drawn plan you made :). Just wondering if i could ask a few questions. If you don't want to reply in public my email address is

    Just a few questions, hope you don't mind.

    [1] You made so many modifications to the display plan, did it cost you much to do this (under the council i'm going to build at i can't built more than 40% of my land size . .so 200m2 .... trust me i look at your plan and you have a palace!

    [2] For the final plans what did the total living space (not inc garage) come out to be?

    [3] How are Wisdom with there service and quality? Do they all you to do your own work on your house to save money?

    [4] Also any good tips for someone like me who's just at the start of the whole process (yeap awaiting land rego)

    Many Thanks,


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