Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is what I have in mind for our shampoo and treatment for the bathroom niche. I normally buy 5 litre containers of shampoo, so they will not fit onto our beautiful niches. Originally, I had considered asking Mark to put it away in the cupboard after use, but have decided that wasn't
really the best option :D. I have found a few that I like already in Freedom home and also in Howards storage world, they are also a lot larger than this one.


  1. That's exactly what I want to do too! i don't buy big 1 litre bottles (cause I don't have access to hairdressing products like someone I know! ;-)) but I just don't want ugly and odd coloured bottles in our beautiful new niches! they just won't match with the niches so I want to find some nice bottles like those and refill them too!

  2. Hehe!!! Great minds think alike I say :)