Sunday, October 4, 2009

So I went by the house yesterday and found that the caesarstone benchtops in the kitchen have been completed. We are so happy with the way that they look. I also got a better look at the wall colour that we have chosen for the walls. I am still a little unsure but am saying to myself that I need to wait until the skirting and architrave is white and the flooring and furniture is in before I make my mind up. Have a look at the pics and see what you think?
(above) pretty bench tops.
(above) our sink.
(above) our caesarstone is in.
(above) better pic of the wall colour. I am hoping that it will look nice.
(above) this is where I would like to sit in the sun and read. In our bedroom.
(above) they have painted the undercoat on the inside of the front door. I am definitely liking it more now.


  1. yep I think you should wait until the skirting is painted...It's hard to tell what the colour is like as I know these computer screens can be all be different too! Is it suppose to have grey or beige tones? I'm thinking of changing our wall colour after our builder showed us through another house the same as ours.They are nearly finished & it was a greyish colour..nice.

  2. oh well if it will be anything like your inspiration pics on the sidebar - don't worry - you'll be fine - the kitchen looks beautiful, elegant. I think you will be very happy!