Friday, October 23, 2009

painting... done

Our timber has arrived for our flooring. Yay! The timber is stringybark and as Mark and I halled it into the garage this afternoon, I got to see all of the colours and I must say I am loving it sick :P. We also got to see what else had been going on in the house. The painters were here and I am soo in love with the wall colour it's not funny, not an ounce of yellow in sight. They also painted some of the skirting and finished off the architraves and doors. The taps were also put in. Looking good peeps.

(above) our 130mm stringybark floor boards.
(above) the drainage for the driveway.
(above) the tilers are done today. Grout has been completed and the floor wastes are in.
(above) timber batons for the flooring.

(above) view of the ensuite, with grout and paint.
(above) they have completed painting the architraves today.
(above) taps for the basins in the bathrooms.
(above) double shower in the ensuite, looking more like a shower.
(above) grout and floor wastes in the laundry.
(above) view of the kitchen. My favourite view in the house.
(above) kitchen sink and tap.
(above) leisure room and better view of the paint colour.
(above) bathroom.
(above) yes, I do feel very posh with these shower heads.
(above) built in robe doors, also painted.
(above) toilet tiling done also.