Sunday, October 18, 2009

tiling photofest

Photofest as promised. We had a great day together today. We looked at the house, we shopped and we realised how little time we have to get sorted for the move. If our SS' calculations are correct, we have hit the '3 weeks to go' mark. We paid off the rest of the timber floors so they should be arriving this week and we will be able to begin laying them. It will take a little while to do as neither of us has time off to complete the task, but I know that we will manage. I am also having many mixed emotions about moving. Happy to be in soon, and also sad to be leaving my family from the house attached to our garage. I am sure that it will all go smoothly and we will have many happy memories here in 58a :).
(above) our grip tiles for the front porch. (above) inside view.

(above) tiles in the ensuite.
(above) our smart tile was nearly ours, but we just weren't smart enough for this little baby. This is our tribute to the floor waste that never was :(.(above) our ensuite. I know that I am going to love this room.

(above) close up view of our ensite.

(above) our ensuite tiling. the niche is going to have a glass splashback in it courtesy of my gorgeous husband. If you have any ideas to what colour we should do, let us know.

(above) standing in the shower in the ensuite.

(above) woopps, this definitely isn't right.

(above) we are going to tile the other side of the doorway now. After seeing it done, we now know that it needs to be done for the glass door to work properly.

(above) shower in the main bathroom.

(above) our heat/light/fan lights were installed too.

(above) we took out our sample of the colour that we picked to compare, obvious colour difference. Will see how the second coat looks to decide if we like it or not... I think it's more me that is unsure, I don't think that Mark really is fussed ;).


  1. It's all looking good...not sure about what colour glass you should use,what colour were the glass tiles that you were going to have?A green might be nice.

  2. Hey Loretta, we were going to have a pearl white mosaic tile in there but they cost too much. I think that we might stick with our plan of neutral and accessorise with colour, but we don't know what. We are thinking not as dark as the floor but not white either. I wanted pearl but you can only do metallic in glass and i am not fussed on that idea.

  3. yes I think that would work...something a bit lighter but in the same tones as your floor tile would look good.Then accessorise with bright colours.I picked up some nice towels on Ezibuy & they were on special!I will be interested to see how the glass looks as we are having the same tiles as our walls in our niches.

  4. yeah, we think that it will look nice and it will be a heck of a lot easier to clean than those tiny mosaics. If you decide you like it then you can just put the glass over the top of your existing tiles. I am thinking the colour lighter than the tiles but in the same tone will be the way to go also.