Thursday, June 11, 2009

the waiting game

We just found out the other day that the hold up with the bank still continues. Apparently what the problem was that they hadn't lodged our FHOG -whether they forgot or not isn't being said. Our broker tells us that we should find out either Friday or Monday. I am trying not to think about it too much so that the times goes a little faster ;)


  1. That sux, Fee :( Friggin' bank! I find that Googling nice new furniture and light fittings keeps you distracted enough to not notice that you're waiting for something!

  2. Your comments on our last post were sweet, thank you. What a pain not getting your finance approval. I will bet Wisdom are gagging to get started. You just watch what happens when the approval comes through. Like with us they will get out there rain, hail or shine and have something to take photos of in no time... Progress pics next week then ;)

  3. Thanks guys, the frustrating thing is that we do have approval as we borrowed the full amount. We are just waiting on formalitiies. When we get our FHOG is comes to us so that we can do some extra things around the home. But it's friday today, so I am hoping that we get the good news.