Thursday, August 6, 2009

bricks ... done

(above) my garage.
(above) mark's garage.
(above) our side yard.
(above) my kitchen.
(above) our backyard.
(above) the front of our house.
(above) our front ... door?
(above) yay!! we have steps now.


  1. Hi Fee, We are really stoked too. The colours are Manhatten for the Portico and Beige Chalk for the part render.
    How are you feeling now? I knew the brickies would finish in pretty quick time. I know there are ups & downs in building but Joe will always try make sure that there are more ups.
    M & I drove past your house the other day and saw that Timpelle Kitchens was measuring up your Kitchen :) In a few weeks you could be looking at your kitchen drawings????

  2. Ooh, thanks for that. It's not going to happen for a white and we might even be bagging (even though I prefer the look of the render) but it's nice to have something to go off.
    I am feeling quite good. I am just excited I guess. Now that I realise that is all guns blazing and then nothing for a few days, I think that i'll be more patient ;).
    Ooooohhhhhh!!!!! Did you really? that's exciting, and a little bit scary at the same time. I cannot wait to see the drawings. bugger the drawings, I can't wait to see the kitchen.

  3. Hi Fee,
    Thanks, we really love it too.
    Yeah it was me. I was putting in drainage before we build our deck off the outdoor leisure area this Sat/Sun. If you pass by this weekend stop to say hello.