Tuesday, August 18, 2009

more roof tiles...at night

I went by the house this morning to see how the roof was going and was surprised and happy to see the half naked men standing on our house. I let them be and drove by after work to get my happy snaps.
(above) our bedroom.
(above) front door.
(above) my garage.
(above) mark's garage.
(above) our entertaining area, along with the hole above our bifold that just doesn't seem to get fixed.

(above) other view of our entertaining area.

(above) our backyard from the corner of our block.

(above) a different view.

(above) street side.


  1. So Fee... were you happy to see the roof tiles or the half naked men?? HA HA.
    Must be great to see all your colour choices coming together & I must say you have made great choices.The ironstone/surfmist combo complements the bricks,tiles & windows... well done!

  2. Thanks Loretta, we are happy with it. Mark is yet to see it in daylight so he isn't as excited as I am.
    I hope that we haven't picked too much Surfmist. As you can tell, I love white :D.

  3. Yes I can see by your inspirations that you like white & no I don't think it is too much surfmist...It looks great!