Saturday, August 15, 2009

fascia and gutter... done.

So I went out early this morning before work, I couldn't resist. I hate not being able to go after work because it's dark. So bring on Summer I say ;). After looking at Nav and Cielly's blog, I was inspired big time to take HEAPS of photo's. So my plan tonight is to post as many as I can be bothered for your viewing pleasure. P.S. to Jochicho, I hope that I redeem myself with all of these photo's, I don't like it when you give my the angry face :).

(above) our front yard.
(above) mark's garage.
(above) trying to get a full front view of the house, damn you port-a-loo.
(above) my garage.
(above) our bedroom.
(above) front of the house from our corner.
(above) our bedroom and western side of the house.
(above) view of our secondary street and our streetname, good way to confuse the pizza man.
(above) our triple stacker door, ahhh.


  1. Beatiful!!!!!! Thanks for lots of pics and of course you've redeem yourself, you know the angry face is not serious, don't you darling!

  2. Yep, I know the angry face is not serious :D.