Sunday, November 22, 2009

first clean ... done.

Well here is a pic fest if I ever saw one :D. So I went by the house yesterday after work to meet Mark. He had put in the shower screens in the ensuite and was finishing off the data cable thingamejigs. It was also apparent that the cleaners had been in and done the first clean. It was nice to see the carpet and I must say, apart from me loving the colour that we have chosen, it was quite comfy and great to lean somewhere in the house without getting dirty. The shower in the main bathroom will be done this week and hopefully the glass in the shower niches after that, but we aren't in a hurry for them.
(above) our bedroom windows.
(above) our ensuite mirrors.
(above) our shower screens in the ensuite - great job baby :D.

(above) our home theatre room.(above) our beautiful kitchen.
(above) a different view of the kitchen, I am standing under the rangehood, hehe, and I don't touch it LOL.
(above) our laundry.
(above) our main bathroom.
(above) view from the leisure room.
(above) view of the door handles.
(above) view of Mark doing the data cable thingamejigs.


  1. The carpet finshes it off nicely it grey?Love your door handles too.

  2. Hey Loretta and thanks. The carpet is a beigey colour, but it definitely is hard to tell in my pics.