Tuesday, November 3, 2009

timber steps...done

Mark has begun the stressful but rewarding task of laying our timber flooring. He started with the steps and they look fantastic. I love them, and am so happy to have such a handy husband.

No news yet on when we are able to move in. Our SS has seemed to gone AWOL, and we are a little disheartened as everyone else that we know who are building are almost done. We are thinking that he is waiting for Mark to finish the flooring so that the painters can come in and finish the skirting and the rest of the painting. We will see. Lucky I have a patient sister and brother in law :).


  1. Love the stairs Fee! Sorry to hear that you haven't been given a moving in date yet...fingers crossed that you hear something soon.

  2. you need to be more "forceful" in your attempts to get a handover date... what's there problem!

  3. Thanks girls :)... I think that Mark and I are just over it atm, that is why we haven't been pushy. We are so busy with the house and other things coming up to Christmas, that we aren't too fussed. Obviously we know that we will be in before Christmas and that is all that we are worried about. We were told that handover would be the 8th (so the 9th cos the 8th is a Sunday), but we are thinking that the difference will only be about a week in the end. As long as we get in eventually :D.