Wednesday, November 11, 2009

timber floors... done.

Well after an eventful, crazy and sleepless weekend, Mark has finally finished laying the timber floors. Thanks also to our bro Michael and friend Andy, who gave up their time for a weekend of nailing, glueing, hammering and putting up with Mark :P. I must say that it looks gorgeous and am so excited to start dressing my brand new home. Hopefully soon after we settle in we may actually be able to start seeing our wonderful and very patient friends again. Here are some pics.


  1. Floor looks great guys !!

  2. Hey thanks Kirsten :) ... hey you know I drove past you at Mittagong the other day, you were just leaving.

  3. Hi, sorry i was just googling people that have built with Wisdom in Spring Farm. We are currently in the tender stage with wisdom. I noticed your husband mark did the timber floors in your house (they look great).. How did you guys manage permission to get on site to do this? im trying to convince wisdom to let me on site so i too can lay it before we move in. Or had you guys already recieved hand over from Wisdom?