Monday, December 28, 2009

main shower ... done.

So the day that our guests were arriving for Christmas, Mark brought home the shower screen for their bathroom, phew. I had spoken to my mum earlier and mentioned that the shower may not have the door on it, so she (as mums do) took it in her stride and was bringing down a bath mat just in case, LOL.
I love the frameless showers that we have and am so glad that we were talked into them (thanks Lee Lee).
Here are some pics of the main bathroom.


  1. Love those colour selections - we've also gone for white doors, grey benchtop, gloss white wall tiles. So clean and crisp, will always look fantastic! :)

  2. Thanks :). We originally were unsure about having the darker benchtop as everyone seems to do it the other way around but we are glad we did it this way.

    Sounds like you have great taste in colours ;).

  3. Shower screens look great !!!!!