Monday, December 14, 2009

Woohoo. We have our keys - or have had for the past week - but the most exciting thing that has made me want to post is that the plumbers are hear to put in our hot water, cooktop and dishwasher... YAY!!! It's been an interesting time this past week in regards to bathing, most nights we have been doing the hop in and wash the important bits and hop out again. One night, we even decided to have a bath - which took about 2 hours as our poor little kettle had to boil about 20 times, not to mention every time we need to wash up :P. I have even gone to work to tip my head over and wash my hair in the basin. It's been eventful, and fun too, but enough is enough and I am sooo ready for my lovely gas hot water that I nearly kissed the plumber that just arrived on my doorstep at twenty past eight this morning.

Our minds are going absolutely crazy with excitement atm, thinking of all the things that we want to do around the house. Mark is busy painting the garage floor with water based apoxy paint, and I am trying to organise this chaos that has hit our beautiful home. We know that it will NEVER be finished, but that is the fun of it isn't it? We'll just have to put of the kid thing for about five years I think.

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