Tuesday, May 19, 2009

future plans

So as you can see from the picture below that there is heaps of room for the pool and huge deck/alfresco area that we have always wanted. It just might take the next 30 years to pay for it :D. Also, as spring farm's streets aren't big in terms of having guests over and parking, Mark and I have decided to also put in a double carport and separate driveway next to the garage. This way when we have our friends over, there will not be such an issue with parking.

As you may already be well aware, my husband is in the glass and aluminium industry but what you may not already know is that he is also a carpenter by trade. This is how we are able to plan and afford such big jobs around the house - no labour costs. It also happens to turn out - even though I am a hairdresser by trade - that I can be a keen apprentice in whatever is needed to be done around the home.

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