Monday, May 25, 2009

our outside

Okay, still no news to start building but there is heaps that has happened in our last 5 months.

Here is a picture of our outside colours. There was not much to choose from in the standard range of bricks but we really liked this one. We want to eventually render the top half of the front of the house so we think that silver will go nicely with our colour scheme.

The aluminium was the hardest for us to decide as we both were very passionate (to put it kindly ;D) about the colours that we wanted and neither of us were budging. Mark wanted Anodic Natural Matt and I wanted Pearl White - Mark likes very contemporary looking styles whereas I love the look of modern shabby chic/french provincial (white plantation shutters etc.) -. In the end we compromised with Anodic Off White but when we went to our colour meeting with Miss A and saw the samples together, we realised that it wasn't what we wanted - we hated it. Mark went and got the pearl white sample and put it against the bricks and it looked great. Miss A said that it looked better as well. I was soo happy that I got my pick of windows. I know that we have to be careful with the pearl white as it can look very stark if not done right, but that is why we want to render, and you have to admit, the plantation shutters are going to look great in the master suite.

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