Monday, July 20, 2009

bricks this week

(below) the photo isn't the best but it's an indication of our colours so far. To the top left is the caesarstone sample, next to it is our inside door and skirting colour (white), under that is the wall colour (kidskin), to the left of that is the window colour (which you can see from the photos), our timber floor colour (stringybark), our carpet colour, and above we have our bathroom laminate (the white is for the cupboards and the stipple seal is for the benchtop).

We got a call from our SS today saying that he hopes the brickies will be here this week. He said that they need to finish off another job before ours can begin. This is the part I am really excited about, getting to see if our colour selecting skills are up to scratch or not. Hope that we like them, it's a little too late now I think ;).

I also thought that I would post a pic of all our samples that we have accumulated over the last 7 months. We still are having trouble getting a sample of our splashback for the kitchen, they seem to think that we are going to take it to another place to get a colour match so we can get it cheaper. We asked Miss A to get on their case but I have the feeling she has forgotten plus I think that she maybe a little busy atm with all of our fellow Wisdomites :D.

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  1. hello:) like your color scheme. very nice...especialy the wooden floor. as for miss a...yes i guess she is busy but im pretty sure she is disorganized as hell considering the fact our frame is not to the plan, not mentioning gass and electricity..hmm. but hey she hag cool new mac laptop...hopefully she figured out how to use it. lololol