Tuesday, July 28, 2009

tile appointment

So we did it!!! Mark and I had our tile appointment yesterday, and after an hour and a half travelling time, we finally reached our destination totally unaware of what we were about to get ourselves into.

As we had decided to do timber floors throughout we only had to choose for the porch and wet areas of the house (bathroom, ensuite, laundry and toilet). We thought that we would uncomplicate things by choosing a floor tile for all, a wall tile throughout and a feature tile for the niches in the bathrooms. So as we entered one of the most expensive tile shops in Sydney we realised that the choices were endless, and in my usual fee self, decided I loved the tiles that were $148m2 - with a builders allowance of 22m2. So after Mark resumed his breathing, we decided on a floor tile that was in the standard range :D. Even though it's standard you still have to pay the extra laying charges involved with a 400x400 tile (but don't get my Mr Principle husband into THAT conversation).

Our Wall tiles we decided on are a gloss white rectified porcelain tile with mitred edges up the the height of 1.2 and the Niches -which were the most expensive i might add, but way cheaper that my origianal decision - were a 1.8x1.8 metallic white mosaic tile.

Our Floor tiles we went for a 400x400 Charcoal colour, smooth for the interior and the grip version for the porch.

For the floor wastes, we are hoping to go for the smart waste, which is very fancy, but mark loves them. We are awaiting the okay from DL as we are at frame stage and they are unsure if it is too late for this.

All in all we are happy with our decisions and are now awaiting the final quote, which can take up to 2-3 weeks. Lets all please cross our fingers and hope that they decide not to charge us too much in labour costs.


  1. Good work guys! I can't believe you were able to do it on the day! I really don't know how many times we must have been to that place!!!

    The smart waste, is that what they call the smart tile? the floor waste that's square and has a tile inside it? we've gone for that too! haha, we just have the same taste! They never mentioned timing with it, didn't realise it makes a difference when you chose that... weird! it gets installed the same way!

    I like your tiles choices! you upgraded the wall tiles, did't you? We've also gone for the same tile on the bathroom floors as the portico (but grip version) this is too freaky!

  2. Haha!! Oh my goodness, how funny. We do keep chosing the same things don't we? Yeah, we upgraded the wall tiles, I love them, they will hopefully look nice, did you get them higher in the bathrooms? I can't remember if you have told me already or not :) Did you get the charcoal one too? and the timber floors throughout :D You are making me laugh with our similarities... Yeah, the smart tile, that is the one. I am still not sure what is going on with it. DL said it couldn't be done, but didn't give a reason, and every tiler that we have spoken to say that it shouldn't be a problem. We are trying to sort it out today so we will see...