Thursday, July 30, 2009

So in the last two weeks and we have only seen work on our build for one day. It's Thurday today and am starting work at 4:00, so I am planning on visiting the house beforehand. I do this with absolutely no expectations and am starting to get a little down about the whole experience. I am upset because I feel like we have done something wrong and are being put back in the line as some kind of punishment. I also feel like W were only rushing us through slab and frame stage to get our $100,000 and now that they have it they can slow down a little. I know that it's a business and money is what keeps it running and I know that they must be busy atm, but we thought that there would be some kind of a queue system to keep the wait fair. They have been great so far, so fingers crossed that their reputation continues to be as good as it has been and let's hope that the up's through this experience far outway these down times...cos they suck!!!


  1. It would be tough & incredibly frustrating. You have the same brickies as we did and they finished our house in a week. Be comforted that when they get back to your place they will finish in no time. Maybe there will even be a back log of tradies waiting to do their bit after the brickies. Joe is very good, he will do everything he can to make up for lost time. Don't feel Wisdom have deserted you, as evey hiccup we have had has been dealt with both professionally & with haste.

  2. Sending you lots of hugs :( I know how it felt not having anything done for a week, I can't imagine how you guys are feeling. I really hope that your brickies come back quick smart and that the rest of your build flies by xoxo

  3. Thanks guys, I am feeling a bit better now. I understand that he must be really busy atm so as I have had my whinge I promise that I'll be patient for a little while longer.

    B+M your place looks great. Every time I sneak past your block they seem to be doing something there. I bet you are getting excited now.

    Thanks Fee, I know that if anyone knows then you do and look how quickly they finished them in the end.